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A.V Silicone Gel Mat / SN Series


      High Damping Gel.
      Ideal for Sensitive Equipment.
      Low Resonance Magnification.

High damping silicone gel mat for table-top vibration and shock isolation. Ideal for protecting lab equipment, servers and precision instruments from knocks & vibrations. This soft gel absorbs micro and low frequency vibrations not eliminated by rubbers and other damping materials. The gel also absorbs shocks and is soft enough to have enough warp for high damping and shock absorbing performance. Outstanding shock absorption characteristics by means of dispersing impact three dimensionally due to its unique molecular structure. Low investment product to support quality and control environments.

Low temperature dependency with stable performance from -40C up to 200C. Performs in any weather. Excellent chemical resistance. Low compression set with performance staying the same even after repeated use. Contains nothing harmful. Environment friendly. Toxic free when burned.Low resonance magnification, stable with least horizontal deflection. Four sheet types for loads from 0.5kg - 80kgs. Very low compression set after repeated use. Usable outside, weather and ozone resistant. Set up to stabalise subject gravity and to distribute load evenly on each projection. Flat plate is recommended for distributing load evenly. Peel off PET film before use.

We also have soft gel stud mounts made of the same gel which are ideal for precision instrument isolation.

Part No. Optimum Load
(kg/1 Sheet)
Point (Hz)
Magnification (dB)
Frequency (Hz)
Deflection / Warp
Colour: Sheet Area
Sheet Height
SN-15 5 to 15 26 to 18 13 from 37 1.1 to 2.2 Orange 100 x 100 7 Download
SN-2 0.5 to 2 27 to 21 6 from 38 1.4 to 3.0 Yellow 100 x 100 7 Download
SN-5 2 to 5 29 to 23 8 from 40 1.5 to 2.5 Green 100 x 100 7 Download
SN-50 15 to 50 22 to 15 20 to 18 from 30 0.7 to 2.0 Blue 100 x 100 7 Download

Notes on Use
Place the SN sheets (or portions of them) so that the vibrating object becomes stable.
Place the sheet so that the load of the vibrating object is spread evenly on the projections.
Placing a flat plate on the top surface of the SN sheet helps.
Remove the protective PET film from the bottom surface before use.

Application guideline
For 0.3kg load, add a plate to exceed 0.5kg or use at least three squares of the divided SN-2.
For 10kg load, use a sheet of SN-15 as it is, or at least three squares of the divided SN-15.
For 80kg load, use 2 sheets of SN-50.


Optimium Load
Each of our vibration dampening products is designed to work best for a certain weight range (optimium load). Select the best part number based on the load of the vibrating object. Optimium load assumes four points of support (one sheet for the A.V silicone mats).
Resonance Point (Hz)
Resonance point is the frequency at which the object reaches maximium vibration when it is externally vibrated on a vibration damping product. Resonance point is determined by the spring constant of the vibration damping products and the weight of the vibrating object.
Resonance Magnification (dB)
Resonance magnification is the ratio, at resonance point, of the vibration amplitude with the vibration damping product to the level without them. The vibrating object will vibrate at about twice the amplitude at 6dB, at about five times at 14dB, and at about ten times at 20dB, compared to when no vibration damping products are used.
Recommended Frequency (Hz)
For effective vibration damping, the frequency of the vibrating object needs to be at least 2 x the square root of the resonance point. Recommended frequency is defined as the range above the frequency. Select the best one based on the frequency of the vibrating object.


All specifications shown herein are typical values and are not guaranteed.  It is recommended to test in application for suitability.



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