Sorbothane Components and Materials
Sorbothane Bushes and Washers

By using a Sorbothane bush and washer together you create a floating bolt that isolates a unit from metal to metal contact. 
- Can use in both shear and compressive direction.
- Isolates vibration and absorbs shock.
- Load per mount: 0.18 to 29.4kg.

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Sorbothane Hemispheres

Quick, cost effective solution for isolating bench equipment and audio equipment.
- Expect 20-30% deflection when loaded.
- Available with adhesive backing.
- Optional urethane coating available to prevent tack. 

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Sorbothane Stud Mounts

Superior performance compared to rubber and other polymers. Lower cost but yet equal performance compared to silicone based products.
- Load per mount: 0.9 to 45kg
- Male-Blank and Female-Blank configuration available
- UNC threads available upon request

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