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Soft Silicone Gel Bushes / A1 & A2


      Ultra Soft, High Damping Silicone Gel Mounts.
      Broad Temperature Range.
      Can Reduce PCB Flexure and Cracking.
      Splits in Two to Suit Various PCB Depths.
      Stable Performance over -40C to 200C.

PCBs often need very soft vibration and shock mounting solutions due to their low weight. These highly damped silicone gel mounts are specially designed for PCB isolation, splitting in two to take various PCB thicknesses. Much softer than traditional rubber and thermoplastic solutions and stable performance over extreme temperatures.
Outstanding vibration and shock absorption for small and narrow enclosures. This silicone based gel offers excellent shock and vibration damping. The material disperses impact three dimensionally due to its unique molecular structure. Ideal for fragile PCBs which can flex and crack in harsh environments. Damps wide frequency range.
Gel type 5 is UL HB listed. Gel types 5,6,7 & 8 have < 3,000 ppm silicone gases. Very little siloxane gas is emitted under 100c operating temp.

Dimensional Data:

Part No. Optimum Load
(kg/4 Points)
Resonance Point (Hz) Resonance
Magnification (dB)
Frequency (Hz)
Shore A
Hardness (appx)
Gel Type Datasheet
A-1 0.5 ~ 2.5 67 to 35 9 ~ 10 0.5kg:from 95
2.5kg:from 50
10 6 / 5 Download
A-2 2.5 ~ 4.0 49 to 37 15 ~ 16 2.5kg: from 70
4.0kg: from 55
14 6 Download

Material Properties

This data was obtained with 1.2mm thickness PCB for type A, 1.5mm for type B, and 1.0mm for type S.

Tighten the bolt all the way to the collar.
Usable bolts for type A are M3 or smaller, for type B M4 or smaller and for type S M3 or smaller.
Use a washer equal to or bigger than the upper diameter of the upper section of the bush.
Recommended freqency depends on loads.


Optimium Load
Each of our vibration dampening products is designed to work best for a certain weight range (optimium load). Select the best part number based on the load of the vibrating object. Optimium load assumes four points of support (one sheet for the A.V silicone mats).
Resonance Point (Hz)
Resonance point is the frequency at which the object reaches maximium vibration when it is externally vibrated on a vibration damping product. Resonance point is determined by the spring constant of the vibration damping products and the weight of the vibrating object.
Resonance Magnification (dB)
Resonance magnification is the ratio, at resonance point, of the vibration amplitude with the vibration damping product to the level without them. The vibrating object will vibrate at about twice the amplitude at 6dB, at about five times at 14dB, and at about ten times at 20dB, compared to when no vibration damping products are used.
Recommended Frequency (Hz)
For effective vibration damping, the frequency of the vibrating object needs to be at least 2 x the square root of the resonance point. Recommended frequency is defined as the range above the frequency. Select the best one based on the frequency of the vibrating object.


All specifications shown herein are typical values and are not guaranteed.  It is recommended to test in application for suitability.



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