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Silicone Shock Foam / NP GEL


      Very High Shock Absorbing Gel.
      Highly Durable.
      Operates -40C to 200C.
      High Performance at 3mm Thick.
      Ozone & Chemically Resistant.

The gel's unique high damping silicone structure makes it ideal for vibration isolation and shock absorbing pads in high impact sports. Fine celled foam combined with very low compression set vs. other foams. Will not bottom out. Outstanding shock absorption is performed by dispersing impact three dimensionally due to its unique molecular structure. Designed to withstand extreme environments the gel characteristics remain the same over -40c to 200c. The material is also durable against ultra violet ozone and chemicals.
Also see our shock electronics foam for shock protection.

Usable outside, weather and ozone resisitant. Available in 3mm and 6mm sheet. No degradation up to 150C, unmodified after 2,000 hours testing by sunshine weeather meter. Environmentally friendly, no HFC or carbon dioxide as foaming agent.

Part No. Description Datasheet
NP GEL 3MM 3mm (t) x 450 (w) x 2000mm (l)mm x 2000mm Thickness: 3.0mm Download
NP GEL 6MM 6mm (t) x 300 (w) x 1000mm (l)mm x 1000mm Thickness: 6.0mm Download

Material Properties:


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