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Axycal Mounts / MX2 Series


      Damps Very Low Frequencies.
      Temperatures Range -180C ~ 150C.
      Compact Design, From Just 6mm In Height.
      Full Mil-Spec.

Ideal for light electronics under severe climatic conditions. Our wire rope isolators combine shock & vibration isolation from 15-20Hz. Wire rope isolators suit loads from just 200g. Ideal for high shock and temperature requirements. Exceptional reliability and long life. No ageing. Standard stud mount configuration. Ideal for PCBs, HDDs and other small components in severe environments.

Typical shock specifications: Ground force: Mil-STD 810, EG 13 A, SEFT001, VG95332. Marine: Mil-S-167, Mil-S-901. Air: Mil-E 5400, Mil C-172

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Part Number Height (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm) Stiffness Datasheet
MX2-06-M 6 5 20 Medium Download
MX2-06-R 6 5 20 Stiff Download
MX2-06-S 6 5 20 Soft Download
MX2-10-M 8 8 22 Medium Download
MX2-10-R 8 8 22 Stiff Download
MX2-10-S 8 8 22 Soft Download
MX2-13-M 10 10 24 Medium Download
MX2-13-R 10 10 24 Stiff Download
MX2-13-S 10 10 24 Soft Download
MX2-16-M 13 11 25 Medium Download
MX2-16-R 13 11 25 Stiff Download
MX2-16-S 13 11 25 Soft Download


All specifications shown herein are typical values and are not guaranteed.  It is recommended to test in application for suitability.



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