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Male - Female Elastomer Stud Mounts / MF series


      Small Mounts From 8mm to 12mm.
      Very Soft High Damping Viscoelastic.
      High Damping Elastomer Just Shore A 24 Durometer.
      Soft, Pliable, Physically Strong.
      UNC Thread. 

Larger PCBs, disk drives, optical drives, small motors, small pumps and lightweight electronic boxes often need small compact mounting solutions. Our sandwich stud mounts are ideally suited for such applications and are available in male/ male, male/blank, female/blank configurations. Made of very high damping urethanes which can outperform traditional rubber mounts and are compact enough for narrow space enclosures.

Our sandwich stud mounts provide high performance damping , isolation and shock and motion control in more demanding electronic environments. This material achieves loss factors in excess of 2.0 ensuring high performance in critical applications.

  Load (kg) Dimensions Metal Insert  
Part Number Maximum
Diam. (mm)
Length (mm)
Type P
Overall Height
Grip (mm)
Depth (mm)
Hardness ASTM D2240
(Shore A Durometer)
MF-100-C04-SL20300 0.14 6.99 8.13 #4-40 5.08 1.52 2.794 19 Shore A Download
MF-200-C06-SL20300 0.27 10.16 12.70 #6-32 9.53 1.52 4.064 19 Shore A Download
MF-200-C08-SL20300 0.27 10.16 12.70 #8-32 9.53 1.52 4.064 19 Shore A Download
MF-300-C25-SL20300 5.44 15.62 15.88 1/4 - 20 12.70 2.54 4.064 19 Shore A Download
MF-400-C31-SL20300 20.41 25.40 19.05 5/6-18 15.88 2.54 4.064 19 Shore A Download


All specifications shown herein are typical values and are not guaranteed.  It is recommended to test in application for suitability.



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