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HVAC Vibration Isolators / SE-TBF Series


      8mm Thread.
      Optimal Load Ranges 5 to 120 kgs.
      Great Weather Resistance 
      Excellent Dynamic Performance.
      All Parts Supplied With Nuts & Washers.

Our SE-TBF HVAC vibration mounts are designed primarily for ventilation units, air conditioners and pumps operating at 450rpm and above.

The HVAC vibration mounts incorporate anti-roll over system that prevents the machine from falling over when exposed to strong winds/storms and minor seismic vibration. This combined with Megol (thermoplastic elastomer) fixings also provides the HVAC vibration mount with excellent vibration dampening and a long shelf life. 

Dimensional Data:

Part Number Colour KG. Min ~ Max Diameter Datasheet
SE-TBF-120-R Red 76 ~ 120 M8 Download
SE-TBF-20-G Grey 5 ~ 20 M8 Download
SE-TBF-45-V Green 21 ~ 45 M8 Download
SE-TBF-75-A Blue 46 ~ 75 M8 Download

Helical Spring System: Stainless Steel with Megol thermoplastic elastomer isolators. 
Nuts and Washers: Stainless Steel


All specifications shown herein are typical values and are not guaranteed.  It is recommended to test in application for suitability.



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