Axial Fan Sleeve Accessories
Dust Filter / GSF Series (Filter)


Material: FL 100.
Filter Class: G2 DIN EN 779.
Material Thickness: ca. 5mm.

Can be used together with our fan guard grills.


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Fan Filter Guard / LEB Series

The Fan Filter Guard serves two purposes, firstly it separates the dust filter from the fan and secondly it provides protection from EMI / RFI.


High Grade Steel (spring V2a)
Material Nr. 1.4310


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Fan Guard Grills / SG Series


Our fan guard grills are for use with the LM (standard type) screwless fan sleeves only. They can be plugged into the screwless fan sleeve's pegs.

Material: Plastic.
Colour: Black.
Fire Resistance: UL94 V2.

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Insect Screen / ISG Series

The insect screens can be used in combination with both our LM and SLM screwless fan sleeves. As an alternative solution the insect screens can be fixed to the fan by screws or our lamella rivets.  


Material: Transpatec® tissue (PVC free), anthracite.
Material Thickness: approximately 0,2 mm.


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