Axial Fan Sleeve Accessories
Fan Dust Filter / GSF Series (Filter)

- Material: Course dust filter FL100.
- Filter Class: G2 DIN EN 779.
- Material Thickness: Approximately 5mm.
- Fire Resistance: Self-extinguishing DIN 53438 F1.

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Fan Filter Guard / LEB Series

The Fan Filter Guard serves two purposes, firstly it separates the dust filter from the fan and secondly it provides protection from
EMI/RFI, thus eliminating noise.

- Material: Stainless steel (spring V2a) 1.4310/AISI 301.
- Material thickness: 0.2mm.

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Fan Guard Grills / SG Series

- Material: Plastic (PA6/PA66)
- Fire Resistance: UL 94-V-2
- For use with LM fan sleeve series. 

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Insect Screen / ISG Series

- Material: Transpatec tissue (PVC free), anthracite.
- Material Thickness: Approximately 0.2mm.

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LN-36-01 and SN-36-01 / Plastic Fan Rivets

For fastening and securing of our screw free fan sleeves and fan sleeve accessories. 

- For use with LM-40 to LM-92 profiles.
- Material: Plastic (PA6).
- Fire Resistance: UL 94-V-0. 

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Mounting Bumper / UME Series

As well as a mounting accessory to our fan mounts and accessories, our universal mounting elements can be used for a variety of purposes such as mounting feet for housing boxes, or as bumper stop for electronic enclosures. 

- Material: TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer).
- Hardness: Approx. 65 Shore A. 
- Flammability Rating: UL 94-V-0. 
- Other sizes available upon request.

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