Gelmecs special soft gel range of vibration damping materials are ideal for isolating loads of 100g+ including broad temperature and MILSPEC applications. Advanced high damping thermoplastic and urethane materials can also outperform traditional rubber solutions. We also have thermally conductive gels and filler pads for high power or narrow space thermal problems.

For your vibration testing we can supply samples for vibration damping, noise control, shock isolation and cushioning impact problems. Our grommet, stud mount and sheet isolation solutions are suitable for PCBs, HDDs, fans, on-board computers and other sensitive equipment.

HDD/PCB Anti Vibration Mounts HDD/PCB Anti Vibration Mounts

A comprehensive range of gel and thermoplastic anti vibration grommets, for mounting HDD/PCBs etc. Various mounting accessories available designed to work with our anti vibration grommet range.


Sandwich and Stud Mounts Sandwich and Stud Mounts

A comprehensive range of elastomer, silicone gel and rubber Sandwich Stud Mounts for numerous applications. Available in M/M, M/F, M/B, F/F & F/B configurations.


Sheet Materials Sheet Materials

A large comprehensive range of sheet and foam materials offering high performance shock protection from as little as 1mm in thickness. Available in silicone and non-silicone gel formulations as well as our exclusive super soft urethane material.


Fan / Blower Mounts and Sleeves Fan / Blower Mounts and Sleeves

Fan noise is a common problem in PCs, set top boxes and other electronic equipment. Snap in fan mounts and fan sleeves are an easy way to isolate the fan and reduce vibration noise.


Supersoft Urethane Bushings Supersoft Urethane Bushings

By using the two piece super soft urethane bush solution you can create a floating blot that isolates metal to metal contact. The highly damped super soft urethane material provides good shock and vibration protection.


Extreme All Metal Mounts Extreme All Metal Mounts

Extreme all metal mounts offer exceptional reliability and long life. These parts are ideal for isolating against shock and vibration in severe environments and are design specifically for military applications.


HDD Sleeves HDD Sleeves

With our patented anti-vibration HDD sleeves you can fasten your hard disks quickly and safely without the need for tools and screws. The sleeves are made of TPE material and are both ROHS & REACH compliant.


Industrial Mounts Industrial Mounts

Suitable for a wide range of applications, our industrial heavy machine mounts up to 50kgs and provide excellent vibration and noise reduction being transmitted to the surrounding environment.


For your thermal control and EMC / EMI requirements please see our other divisions :


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