Introducing the Sorbothane Soft Blow Mallet

The Sorbothane soft blow mallet is made from a unique visco-elastic polymer that is suitable for a wide variety surfaces including wood, metal, vinyl, tiles, glass and plastic.

The outstanding shock absorbing properties of the soft blow mallet enables the Sorbothane to confirm to edges and corners and moulded surfaces. The Sorbothane mallet allows the user to use sufficient force without damaging or marring surfaces, even if the mallet lands off-centre.

Another advantage of the soft blow mallet is that the Sorbothane’s unique properties enable it to absorb harmful vibration, reducing the risk of secondary repair and other muscle related injuries. This gives Sorbothane a competitive advantage compared to other soft blow mallets on the market.

Suited for a variety of work including fine wood working, auto body, trim and glass, carpentry, cabinetry, remodelling and window and glass work. Available in three mallet head sizes, this product is available for European and UK customers to buy from our distributor DigiKey.


New Sorbothane Diamond Pattern Sheet

We are pleased to introduce our newest product offering, the Sorbothane diamond pattern sheet. Designed specially to conform under load effortlessly to curved irregular surfaces.

Many traditional damping materials can struggle when it comes to following curved or irregular surfaces. These surfaces pose a challenge due to their varying shapes and dimensions, making it difficult to achieve secure and uniform protection. The Sorbothane Diamond sheet is the ideal solution for this problem.

Sorbothane Diamond Pattern Sheets offer an innovative solution to the persistent problem of applying protection to curved and irregular surfaces. This standard production item combines the renowned material Sorbothane with a strategically designed diamond pattern that enhances flexibility and conformability. The result is a Sorbothane sheet that not only provides vibration damping and shock absorption, but effectively bulges, giving the material room to deform under load to adapt to surfaces with varying contours.

Key features:
1. Enhanced Conformability:
The geometric design of the Sorbothane Diamond Pattern Sheet acts as a series of mini-cushions that can compress and expand independently. This flexibility allows the sheets to mould themselves to the curves and irregularities of the surface, ensuring comprehensive contact and uniform performance. Whether it’s a rounded edge or an intricate shape, Sorbothane Diamond Pattern Sheets conform effortlessly, minimizing the risk of air pockets or gaps in protection.

2. Uniform Distribution of Shock Absorption: The diamond pattern not only aids in conformability but also assists in distributing external forces evenly. This uniform distribution prevents localized stress points, which can be particularly problematic on curved surfaces. By mitigating stress concentrations, the Sorbothane Diamond Pattern Sheet contribute to the performance and life of the equipment.

3. Versatility: The adaptability of the Sorbothane Diamond Pattern Sheets opens doors to a wide range of applications. Typical applications include medical devices, robotics, machinery, power tools, car upholstery, sports equipment and consumer products.

4. Longevity and Performance: The viscoelastic material Sorbothane is known for its durability and resistance to aging, making it a cost-effective choice in the long run.

The Sorbothane Diamond Pattern Sheet stands out as a brilliant solution to persistent challenges involving curved and irregular surfaces. Please refer to the webpage for further details.


Sorbothane Interlocking Pads

Sorbothane have recently increased their product offerings and now offer interlocking pads that can be layered and locked together to build a specific assembly. Please click this link for further details.