Introducing the Sorbothane Soft Blow Mallet

The Sorbothane soft blow mallet is made from a unique visco-elastic polymer that is suitable for a wide variety surfaces including wood, metal, vinyl, tiles, glass and plastic.

The outstanding shock absorbing properties of the soft blow mallet enables the Sorbothane to confirm to edges and corners and moulded surfaces. The Sorbothane mallet allows the user to use sufficient force without damaging or marring surfaces, even if the mallet lands off-centre.

Another advantage of the soft blow mallet is that the Sorbothane’s unique properties enable it to absorb harmful vibration, reducing the risk of secondary repair and other muscle related injuries. This gives Sorbothane a competitive advantage compared to other soft blow mallets on the market.

Suited for a variety of work including fine wood working, auto body, trim and glass, carpentry, cabinetry, remodelling and window and glass work. Available in three mallet head sizes, this product is available for European and UK customers to buy from our distributor DigiKey.